Firm Overview

The American courtroom. Familiar to us, probably not to you. Few cases actually end there, but whether or not your case goes to court, you want a lawyer who can tell you what to expect.

Gallagher Law Firm is a Minneapolis/St. Paul-based firm, practicing both locally and nation-wide, with more than 30 years of experience in courtrooms. Our attorneys have helped people who suffered serious injuries receive fair compensation, and people who have been wrongly accused of crimes be set free.

Insurance subrogation clients benefit from our extensive insurance coverage and claims background.  We offer services and resources that enable us to pursue your case from first report to the Supreme Court.

Our attorneys are innovative and imaginative, finding new ways to represent the best interests of our clients and achieve the best possible results.

We believe in fostering a strong cooperative relationship with our clients. We value your business; phone calls and emails are responded to promptly, and we continuously protect your interests.

Whether you’re headed to a courtroom or only want some legal advice, call 651-222-4466 and 800-374-1243 for a free consultation.

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